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Hamelin - Nerd of All Trades

Jul. 7th, 2006 10:14 pm Hamelin

Series: Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
Title: Hamelin
Chapter: Two
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Devil's Trill arch
Pairing: hijuki and all maner of love-triange angst
Summary: ‘What the hell are you thinking?’ Hisoka demanded hotly as he stormed into their office, making Tsuzuki look up with surprise and confusion. ‘You’re trying to dump me?’ He glared down at his partner who cowered slightly behind his desk.
Dislcaimer: I only claim the syntax.
Previous chapter: 1

Tsuzuki spent a week moping worse than he had the previous month before Hisoka came back, feeling much better for their time away and better prepared to deal with his distraught partner.

‘What the hell are you thinking?’ Hisoka demanded hotly as he stormed into their office, making Tsuzuki look up with surprise and confusion. ‘You’re trying to dump me?’ He glared down at his partner who cowered slightly behind his desk.


‘Watari said you were trying to put in a request for transfer,’ Hisoka slammed his hands down on Tsuzuki’s desktop. ‘Why the hell would you do that? Did I do something to piss you off? What is your problem?’

Tsuzuki’s lip quivered and he looked absolutely lost. ‘I... I...’

‘I won’t let you dump me like unburnable trash! I am your partner and that’s how it’s going to stay!’ He didn’t notice the tear wending its way down his cheek until he felt the drop on his hand and looked at it, so surprised he forgot for a moment what he was saying. He quickly recovered with a glare at Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki was crying in earnest, hysteria rising in him. ‘I don’t want to hurt you anymore!’ he wailed back.

‘Shut up!’ Hisoka screamed. He breathed heavily for a moment, trying to pull his own emotions apart from Tsuzuki’s and get them in check. ‘I don’t care what your lame-ass excuse is! I won’t let you dump me!’

And then he whipped around and stormed out of the room to hide and get himself back in order.


Though he hadn’t been aware of trying to gain it, shouting at Tsuzuki had had the desired affect. Hijiri’s death was all but forgotten as Tsuzuki’s emotions were suddenly overwhelmed by a hard to pinpoint adoration of Hisoka and bubbling delight that his partner cared to stay with him after everything that had happened.

He was far too busy doting on Hisoka to spare time thinking about what a horrible person he was or how much he wanted to kill himself. The main problem with this, as Hisoka saw it, was that Tsuzuki kept trying to cook horrible food for him.

The blissful forgetfulness of course couldn’t last. Especially after the Ministry of Hades chose three new recruits to join the ranks of Shinigami at the end of the month. One took up an empty station in Peru, one in Fiji and one in the Summons Department of Japan. The first two were of little consequence to Tsuzuki or the majority of the other Shinigami in Japan but the third, being now among their own ranks, would cause more of a stir.

A memo was sent through the Japanese Ministry at about four o-clock on a Tuesday which was the first day of the new month. At about three-forty-six Watari heard his name called out as he was walking down the hall. The out-of-place grin on a very familiar face confused him for a moment before he blinked as realization and hair-color hit him.

‘Hijiri-kun!’ Watari exclaimed in surprise, staring at him over a box of file-folders he was carrying.

‘It’s so great to see you again, Watari-san!’ Hijiri smiled.

‘Yeah! Oh my gosh! You passed? Are you the new Piper now?’ Watari smiled back at him with matching cheer.

‘Yeah! I got my body back a few hours ago and I’ve just got my new assignment and I start tomorrow!’

‘Awesome!’ Watari grinned. ‘... You wouldn’t happen to be looking for a pretty brunette, would you?’ he asked slyly.

Hijiri giggled, his cheeks getting a little pink. ‘It’s not that I don’t love spending time with you...’

‘Oh, of course not! Everyone loves me!’ Watari laughed and swept round with a wide beckoning gesture. ‘Right this way, then! I think I can take a few moments of my time to show you the highlights of our office space. There’s the water-cooler. Very cold,’ he pointed.

Hijiri laughed, following him up the hall.


‘But it’s really good!’ Tsuzuki wailed, clinging to the edge of Hisoka’s desk. ‘My sister taught me how to make it! It’s got yams and brown sugar and walnuts and-‘

‘Knock-knock!’ Watari’s voice flooded cheerfully into the room as he pushed open the door (without knocking). ‘Great news! I’m surprised there hasn’t been an office memo yet, but there probably will be by tomorrow morning!’

Hisoka and Tsuzuki looked up at him, rather bemused until he’d stepped out of the way, holding the door open for the person following him. Tsuzuki’s face went ashen and Hisoka bit his lip, drawing in a sharp breath at the panic pouring out of his partner.

Hijiri’s eyes lit up and he was in motion before he had time to take in the look of horror on Tsuzuki’s face. He flung his arms around Tsuzuki’s neck with a happy sigh. ‘I missed you, Tsuzuki-san,’ he murmured softly into Tsuzuki’s chest.

Tsuzuki stared down at him, his mouth open and eyes wide in shock. Hisoka could be heard letting out a relieved sigh and Watari leaned back against the wall, grinning the quiet triumph of his eternal optimism. Of course, he had known it would be a happy reunion.

‘You...’ Tsuzuki’s voice wavered softly, halfway to tears. ‘... Don’t you... hate me...?’

Hijiri looked up at him in shock. ‘Of course not,’ he whispered, frowning in confusion. ‘Why would you think that?’

Tsuzuki lost the battle against tears and closed his eyes. ‘I... I killed you...’ He sobbed softly. ‘I said I’d protect you, then I... then I...’

‘Tsuzuki-san...’ Hijiri smiled softly, raising his hand to thumb away a tear and then gently stroke Tsuzuki’s cheek. ‘You protected me so hard you almost lost your soul to a demon... Saga was going to kill me, but you fought so hard against him... No one’s ever protected me like that...’

Tsuzuki stared at him with the look of a lost and bewildered puppy. Hijiri smiled warmly and pushed himself to his toes to hug Tsuzuki more tightly. ‘I don’t mind being dead when I have someone who cares that much about me.’

Tsuzuki sobbed again, his arms coming tightly around Hijiri’s body and burying his face in the younger Shinigami’s hair.

‘Well, I’ve dawdled long enough, I really need to get these put away,’ Watari announced, shifting the box of files in his arms and opening the door again. ‘I’ll catch you guys later.’

Hijiri and Tsuzuki didn’t notice him leave. Tsuzuki was shaking and crying softly into Hijiri’s hair while Hijiri patiently held him, even as his toes screamed at him. Hisoka shifted in his seat, feeling extremely uncomfortable.


When Hijiri answered his door he was greeted with an armful of flowers. ‘Happy housewarming! Or dorm, or whatever...’ Tsuzuki grinned broadly. ‘I got them with a vase because I figured you probably didn’t have one yet.’

Hijiri laughed, accepting the vase from him, his cheeks pink to match a spray of hydrangea that brushed against them. ‘They’re beautiful, Tsuzuki-san! Thank you!’

Tsuzuki grinned, very pleased with himself. ‘I brought dinner too, so you don’t have to go shopping tonight!’

The flush faded slightly from Hijiri’s face. ‘Did you? That’s... so thoughtful!’ Hijiri managed to keep a firm smile even under the threat of Tsuzuki’s cooking. ‘Come in and eat it with me then!’

Tsuzuki bubbled about the room, pulling the small, flimsy table and chairs out of the corner and fetching the cheep, white dishes that were in all the dorms and artistically setting out their dinner. ‘I made pineapple pork and candied-yam crumble! You’re going to love it! My sister taught me how but these days it’s so much easier to get pineapple I should really make it more often!’

‘It smells great!’ Hijiri grinned as the aroma of far too much cinnamon and heavily-spiced pork hit him.

He found himself quickly shuffled into a chair and Tsuzuki standing beside him pouring a cup of tea before landing in the seat across from him and smiling expectantly. Hijiri smiled back and looked down at his plate. It looked edible, but then, looks can be deceiving. It smelled like it could kill a grown tiger. Smell was something like seventy per-cent of taste.

Hijiri bravely picked up the fork Tsuzuki had set his place with and took a bite of candied-yam. More candy than yam and definitely too much cinnamon, he thought as he grinned back at Tsuzuki who looked delighted.

The pork tasted like it could have survived ten years without rotting based solely on the amount of salt and pepper beaten into it but Hijiri managed to clean his plate with the aid of four cups of very hot tea. When he pushed the last glop of candied-yam into his mouth, Tsuzuki brightly asked ‘Do you want some more?’

‘Ah, no. I’m really full. Couldn’t eat another bite,’ Hijiri replied quickly, patting his stomach. ‘But it was great.’

The way Tsuzuki smiled just then definitely made it worthwhile. Hijiri sighed and got up, walking around the table to Tsuzuki who was starting to stand. He pushed Tsuzuki’s shoulders to keep him sitting and smiled at the curious look on his face before he dropped down into Tsuzuki’s lap, straddling him and wrapping his arms round Tsuzuki’s neck.

‘I really missed you,’ he murmured quietly, gazing up into Tsuzuki’s startled, violet eyes. ‘I’ve never wanted to be with anyone so much as you.’ He tilted his face up and caught Tsuzuki’s lips.

Tsuzuki sighed and closed his eyes, feeling very happy and loved.

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Date:July 9th, 2006 11:03 am (UTC)
~purrs happily~ Oh, this is nice! And just like Hijiri-kun to put on a happy face and suffer Tsuzuki's cooking with a smile. Hisoka is the ideal partner for Tsuzuki to work with, but when it comes to love of a different sort, it looks like Hijiri knows the ropes best.

Yay! More, please?
Date:August 2nd, 2006 09:31 pm (UTC)

OMG! I love this! I sosososososo love it!

What would Hisoka do? O_O Uh-uh...